Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! We are so grateful to you for all that you do and for brining this crazy family together. We love you!

Here are a few of the pictures that I have on my computer here of Mom and Dad throughout the ages. If you have pictures, make sure you log in and add them to this post!!!

Here is the earliest picture of mom that I is the bottom of her mouth! This is also the only picture we have of me as a baby, so it is important to me!

Just a normal 70's Christmas!

Rockin' in the apartment in Provo. Yes, I do have an amazing belly.

Taken outside of Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's home in Arizona.

Thankfully, Ammon doesn't look anything like this baby picture...

The house in Gilbert, AZ

Tucson, AZ right before we moved to Utah

Tucson, AZ...PJ rocking the sweet belly pic!

10 minutes after I got off the plane coming home from my mission.

Family Reunion in Seattle! Mom with the kids!

Family Reunion in Seattle. Dad was swimming in the pool behind us...

Seattle Family Reunion, Ammon and Katie with some interesting looks on their faces

Priceless...such a serious look for such a silly hat!

Seattle Family Reunion, Mom and Jacob...

Family Reunion in Utah, riding horses...Mari, sweet hair!!!

Great picture...

The Man from Snowy (Provo) River....

Josh and Mom...

One of my favorite pictures. Dad crossing the finish line during the marathon we did to raise money for our attempted PGD/In-Vitro fertilazation to have more kids. Dad was amazing as he trained and ran for his grandkids, I will never forget it. To have Caitlyn run out to meet him as he finished was very fitting!!

Same race...thanks again Dad, I will never forget this day!

Sunday Dinner at Mom and Dad's...will we ever forget those?

Dad bustin' a move at PJ and Lorena's looks like Mom is busting a gut, apparently it has been a while since dad was on the dancefloor!

Mom and Dad in NY just outside my office...not a bad view!!!

Mom and Dad at the Statue of Liberty...nice mane Mom!!!

Mom and Dad at Trinity Church in NYC...Dad wasn't looking at the camera that day.

Mom and Dad at Ammon's old salon in NYC...

Christmas 2007!

Now, as you can see, there are a lot of things I don't have pictures of. Upload your pictures of Mom and Dad.
Happy Anniversary!!!


Spikers said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!First of all, Mom & Dad you rock! I love you both very much. Secondly, there is WAY MORE wrong with that picture than just my hair, its like my head is DEFORMED!!! I wasn't even sure it was me at first! ahahha. Wow. Awesome picture. Anyway, MOM & DAD, you rock!

Team Ecuador said...

WHOA! Is it freaking anyone else out seeing those old pics of mom and dad?!! Its hard to imagine them as lil youngsters....but hey, dad had some serious style back in the day....

And please, lets not be jealous of my belly abilities even from an early age...the way it forcefully pushes itself out of my shirt is amazing...

Does anyone else think that Amms had plastic surgery when he was young? There is no way he looks like he does now judging from his baby way....there had to be some serious re-construction going on there...hehehe

Nice post Cim!